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Windows registry is a set of database to store all information of software and hardware files of the computer system. The system configuration and its related files are all stored in the computer. So it is important for the user to keep the files intact and safe and use tools for free registry fix. Any deletion or modification of these files can corrupt the windows operating system or cause errors in the files loaded in the system. All windows based operating systems have registry files, which are hidden inside the hard disk of the system.
See How Important The Registry Is

These registry files contain information on setting and option of Windows which are based on 32 bit version and Windows 64 bit version and includes Windows 95, 98, ME and NT. The database of all files is important from the point of view of the performance of the computer system settings. A small change in the registry can result in crash of the computer system. Any change made to the software or hardware gets highlighted in the registry files and it then becomes extremely difficult to fix windows registry. Even the option of free registry fix does not help. Any change made to control panel settings, or system policies, or installed software, or any file association is automatically saved and stored in the registry of the computer.

Save Originals Before Fixing The Problem

Plenty of times users themselves try to use registry fix free offers that can be seen online. In many cases, they don’t possess adequate knowledge. In a try to fix, problem and enhance the computer speed, they unknowingly delete some important files which are then not easily recoverable. So the users are advised to save the registry and thereafter make any changes on it. The registry files are stored in different location in the hard disk. Storage of registry files differs in different versions of window registry. A registry file is saved in a directory and it has two hidden files under Windows 95 and Windows 98 versions. So, no matter you are using free registry fix to sort out the problem, get all related necessary information.

Now days, a user can purchase the software to remove malicious files, virus or fix registry errors on the system. These softwares are easily available for that can be tried online before users buy them. Apart from this, free registry fix program software is also available that a user can use to fix registry files without paying even a penny. Despite not knowing fully, users try to access registry files and this causes havoc. So, better stay away from limited information and gather all knowledge before you actually start working on the problem.

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