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Google's Page Creator has some definite potential, but it's beta version needs some work. We took a peek behind the scenes at the website building software and even though we are still not done testing, we do have some initial thoughts from the perspective a website template designer in business for more than 11 years.It's certainly a fast way to create a website for the novice, but the source code jumped out of the screen and slapped me in the face. I believe, ARGH! was my honest to goodness reaction.The generated pages are pure internal CSS with the style sheet code so long, that the page's actual content was far down near the bottom of the page. What is the point of using CSS if you are not going to use it correctly? The use of internal CSS is our biggest complaint with Blogger. > Post your thoughts in our Basic BlogIf validation is important to you, the pages I checked did not validate but then neither does Google's website. I'm sure the source code would shock even the most flexible web designer. But if a person without any web design skills wanted to change the code to fit their needs, they would most certainly be lost. I'm really quite surprised. We have been hearing about Google's Page Creator now for some time and were anxious to see what Big G could crank out given that Big G tends to breathe new technology services. But this one was a disappointment. Granted it is BETA ... so we'll see.So far I didn't see any advertising on the generated pages, but I cannot image that being a long term option for a free web hosting service. I suspect we'll see Adwords on in the near future. So what do you think? Have you tried Google's Page Creator? Do you think this will be just another free web hosting service with a WYSIWYG interface or is this the beginning of a paradigm shift in web development and we hosting?

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